Presidents Jan/Feb Notes


Hello all

Well, we are cruising into the new year. The first meeting of the new year was amazing. The spring tour is set, and official registration will be open soon heading to prairie du sac super excited and looking for 60 cars. Details are still in the works.
The board voted to provide a laptop for the club president, which has increased my productivity a lot. We constantly work on new promotions and events, such as a golf outing this year.
Super excited about Becky, our new social chair; she is taking off like a rocket and is super enthusiastic, and our calendar is filling up nicely!
Membership is on the rise at an excellent pace!
The club is looking for new sponsors and partnerships all the time. Our sponsor, Kelly Moss, is actively working on a cool decal.

This is not a final draft, but it will look like this.

The weather is getting nicer. The days are getting longer very much looking forward to getting my car dialled in and having a fantastic driving season.
I appreciate all of you and your support of myself and PCA Central Wisconsin.

Hopping many of you are planning on attending the parade this year! I hope this note finds you all well. Good luck, and God bless



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