About Us

Our Mission:
The purpose of the Club is to bring together drivers of Porsche vehicles. Club membership will promote camaraderie among its members, provide information on brand vehicles, and organize recreational meetings, events, and excursions.
Recreational outings are designed to get to know our state and strengthen the links among Porsche car users and to promote camaraderie among the members.

The club continues to provide its partners high-quality services by generating events that satisfy without exception by respecting the tradition and prestige of the brand and Porsche products while interacting with related clubs and the community in a respectful and proactive manner.

Additionally, the Club is committed to integrate and interact respectfully with those communities that we visit, trying to approach them in an open and informal way. We want the communities to enjoy the presence of the Club wherever we go. The Central Wisconsin Region of the Porsche Club of America also carries out awareness actions among its associates in order to inculcate a prudent use of its vehicles and the unrestricted respect of the traffic regulations.