Central Wisconsin Auto X

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We have booked the following dates at the Madison College Training Facility in Columbus, WI
Registration is now open:

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This is also a call for volunteers to organize the events and help during the event;
Chuck Schmeling will be available to provide guidance. Participants are required to help during the event, remember.
PCA is fueled by volunteers”

The Board has approved the purchase of Snell 2020 helmets to make available during the CWI AutoX events.
For a small fee, we will have those helmets available during the CWI AutoX events in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL.

2023 CWI Championship

The Central Wisconsin Region will have its first CWI AutoX Championship in 2023.

CWI is holding 5 AutoX events during the 2023 season and will host the CWI AutoX Championship and crown a 2023 Male and Female AutoX-Champion.

How do we determine the Champions? At each event, all participants will be scored in one class (open). Only CWI members driving Porsche vehicles are eligible for the CWI Championship. The fastest overall (CWI or none CWI) time at each event will be awarded 100 points and used as the bases time; all other participants will be scored as follows:  Winning (base) time/participants time  X  100 (WT/ET*100)
Example – Winning time was 75.562 sec., your time is 77.485 sec., and your score is = 75.562/77.485*100=97.518 points

For the championship, only the top four results (# of championship events -1) will count toward the overall score.
A driver must participate in a minimum of 3 (# of championship events -2) events to qualify for a championship trophy (1/2/3).

Please join us in the spring. A single Porsche can have multiple drivers during a single event. So bring your better half and find out who can handle your Porsche better.

Any Porsche model is welcome, a 911, a Boxster, a Macan or your family Cayenne. 😉


Vehicle Safety Inspection: It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to present a vehicle that is safe to operate in a competition event and is in sound mechanical condition. Safety inspection by PCA Region volunteers does not relieve a competitor of their responsibility for the safety of the vehicle they entered.
All vehicles must be inspected by designated safety inspectors on the day of the event before being allowed on course. “Annual” safety inspection is not a substitute.
This inspection shall confirm:

  • the helmet meets the rating requirements,
  • the restraint system is operational,
  • all loose objects are removed,
  • cameras are properly attached,
  • the brake pedal is firm,
  • the throttle operates properly,
  • seats are properly attached and functional,
  • wheels are properly secured,
  • there are no significant fluid leaks,
  • tire and wheel integrity is checked,
  • the battery is secure, and
  • the fuel cap is present and secure, and any other items deemed necessary by safety inspection.
  • NO open-wheel vehicles allowed

A vehicle that has passed vehicle safety inspection must be identified with a label or some other marking, so it is easily identifiable as having passed the safety inspection.
If a vehicle does not pass safety inspection. CWI has the right to exclude the vehicle from the event, without a refund.

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