October 20 meeting


Much was accomplished at the October 20 meeting.  There were 12 very active members including three CWI officers a this meeting so we had a pretty good representation of the membership. We approved new region bylaws and a new region logo.  Click here to open the attached pdf file.  They are now to be forwarded on to PCA National for their approval.

The new Bylaws were revised from a template received from PCA National.  Their template seemed to be designed for regions with more members than ours and were more complicated than they needed to be for our small region.  One of the biggest changes is consolidating the National templates Elected Officers and Regional Directors into one entity called Region Board of Directors.  It consists of four elected positions, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  One additional position is filled by the past Region president.  All five are responsible for function of the club.  See page 6 of the new Bylaws for duties and responsibilities of the Director positions.

In addition to the Board of Directors, additional appointed positions for Standing Committees are presented.  They are Chair persons of; Nominating (collection of board and Standing Committee chair candidates), Safety and Competition (autocross and competitive events creation and coordination), Membership, Website (maintains the CWI web site), Official Publication (newsletter), Social (social events creation and coordination) and Touring (tour creation and coordination). 

The Board of Directors will appoint the chairs of the Standing Committees who then can appoint helping staff as required. 

Our next course of CWI business is to nominate and elect the Regional Board of Directors and accumulate names of those who would like to be on the Board of Directors or a chair of a Standing Committee.  If anyone desires to put their hat in the ring and submit their name to the Nominating Committee Chair for a Director position or a Standing Committee position, please e-mail your name and desired position to president@cwi.pca.org or secretary@cwi.pca.org Any active member or family/associate member is eligible to hold office in the region.  It is important to the health of our club that we have active, enthusiastic members who volunteer to run the affairs of our club.

Please find the attached pdf file that includes the new proposed CWI-PCA Bylaws and the new CWI logo created by Karen and Steve Stone.  Steve is also responsible for many changes and updates in our proposed bylaws to make them more fitting to CWI.  Thanks go out to both of them for their hard work!

A holiday Party invitation is in the works and will be sent out soon.  Our Holiday Party will be at Buck & Honey’s Sun Prairie location on Sunday December 5.  Watch for the upcoming e-mail with the menu and RSVP form.


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