Successful Fall Tour


Let me start by absolutely clarifying I am not a writer lol but I do want to share my experiences on the PCA club of Central Wisconsin’s fall tour! We had 20 participants confirmed and all 20 were there at 8:00 am it was very mild temps but foggy. Everyone was in amazing spirits and excited about the day’s events. As the newly appointed tour chair, I tried to make my way around and introduce myself to everyone what a wonderful group of people. 

We had decided to take our time before we left to let the fog dissipate before we left on our journey. In the meantime, I made arrangements to use the airport’s taxiway to stage the Porsches for some unbelievable photos boom ? after the photos we departed.

David and I had put the route together weeks before and were very pleased with it! On the drive, we saw many amazing sights Wisconsin was on parade along with us. The estimated road time was 3 hrs we were closing in on our first stop at Pecks farmers market more visiting there were multiple family’s with children along there really enjoyed the farm animals.

And we were off again 20 p-cars strong everyone waving it was quite a sight. Everyone did fantastic keeping pace and keeping the group together. I received several kudos on the route. We had a second nonscheduled lol potty break as we were about 30 miles outside of Gays Mills. The last leg was especially nice all the twisty back roads upon arrival at the park we had a picnic lunch provided by the club super fun. Then on to apple pie heaven.

All in all an awesome day making new friends enjoying our amazing sports cars! As the new tour chair, I highly recommend everyone to join in on our tours. I plan on doing 2 a year a spring-early summer and a fall tour. Hope everyone enjoyed my retelling of our very special day hope to see you all at the meetings and in the spring for the spring tour 

Many many thanks

Tour chair Jeff Buck (


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