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UPDATE 03/2023

All AutoX vehicle occupants, while on the course, must wear an approved helmet. Helmets built to Snell Foundation standards or other standards such as FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 and BS6658-85 Type A-FR are approved for use. Approved helmets must be manufactured to the current rating or the two most recent SA, M or K Snell ratings. For example, if the current Snell SA standard is SA2015, helmets meeting SA2015, SA2010 and SA2005 are allowed. Also, any helmet approved for PCA Club Racing is permitted. Footwear must be non-slip and NOT open-toe or have heavy-duty soles like those found on hiking shoes or work boots.

Original Post – For DE Helmets

Effective today, January 1, 2022, all DE drivers must have helmets with the Snell certification of either SA2015 or SA2020.  Helmets, along with proper belting, are the most crucial safety equipment for motorsports drivers.

We have confirmed within the current supply chain that there is a suitable amount of helmet inventory with the newer certifications.   Please send this updated notice to the drivers in your regions and remind them to check their existing helmets to ensure they have the SA2015 or SA2020 label.  

In early 2022, the National DE Committee will be focusing on revamping the National Instructor Training curriculum and will be meeting in February to this end.   The Instructor-Mentor program and classroom strategies together are the basis of having a properly trained and experienced corps of instructors, an integral part of our DE program, resulting in the development of safe, aware and knowledgeable drivers on the track.

I am looking forward to working with the regions and zones throughout North America to further advance the DE program and to support all the DE Chairs nationally.    Please reach out to me directly if the DE Committee may be of assistance to you and your regions.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the track for the 2022 season! Mia Walsh
2022 PCA National Drivers’ Education Committee Chair
Immediate Past President, PCA Potomac Region
cell:  410-218-2597


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