Presidents May Notes


Well, what can I say! What a fantastic weekend of events this May! Three events in three days.

The spring tour was so fun I don’t even know where to begin. I think I’ll start with the people. Everyone was in such good spirits, happily excited and smiling. I am making many new friends! Second I would have to be in the cars. What a rush! I believe the final count was 34 cars, plus one corvette. The drive itself was spectacular so many compliments on the route, and then top it off with Wildcat Mountain Road! We ended up taking it on twice! What a rush!

I earned myself a new nickname, but I am still working on my navigation skills lol 😂.
We finished with a wonderful Dinner at Badger Crossing! Excellent service and so many laughs! We handed out a couple of door prizes; overall an almost perfect afternoon!

I look forward to planning and working on our fall tour to the tail of the dragon. I have many new resources to draw from, as some of our Chicago region friends had just completed a drive down there and gave me some pointers!

A big welcome to Kelly Moss as our newest sponsor!

There are still a few ongoing debates and some issues on the Club level that need to be ironed out, but overall, we are moving forward, and the club is growing. Several new members joined in on the spring tour! Please continue to network for the club and find new members,

I met our zone rep Mark Roethmeir at the Multi-region bbq, and he is fantastic, very supportive and said he would put in a good word for our region to host the Porsche parade in the near future!

Don’t forget our local events hope everyone is doing well; drive careful ( watch for deer 🦌,) and good luck and God bless


Jeff Buck


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