Presidents February Note


Congratulations to everyone involved in the club, we are moving forward at a record pace. Our calendar is full of amazing events, you can see them in our calendar section. Our social media and web page are working and we are bringing on new members all the time. I would not be surprised if we are the largest growing region in 2022!

I have spoken to the National Parade Chair Ron Gordon about hosting Porsche Parade in our Region in Wisconsin Dells in the next few years and received a very positive response.
On a personal note, my 50th birthday happens to fall during the Porsche Parade this year so I will be having that party in the Poconos that you are all welcome to attend!

The official sign-up is almost ready for the spring tour and plans are in the works for the fall tour to the Dragons 🐉 Tail in summary. Things are looking good and thanks for everyone’s support and effort that makes it all possible.

Many Thanks


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