Parade Diary


Photos and text by Gregg Elliott, AK Editor, Gunner Mench, Skip Hammerman

Day 7 (July 17)

The week is almost over – Porsche Parade

Volunteer Party

Day 6 (July 16)

Day 5 (July 15)

Gimmick Rally Day

Day 4 (July 14)

Someone said AutoCross, Yes

Day 3 (July 13)
It’s tour day. Multiple driving tours departed the staging area this morning at the 2021 Porsche Parade. Quite the sight and some great sounds.

Day 2 (July 12)
Concourse Day, is the first highlight of the Parade. Enjoy the video clips and pictures. In the afternoon all present presidents plus one were invited to Executive Dinner at the clubhouse of the French Lick Springs Golf Club.

Video from Skip Hammerman (Schonesland Region)
Video from Skip Hammerman (Schonesland Region)

Day 1 (July 11)
And it starts with registration, later in the day we all come together at the Welcome Party, including the Zone Social.

Mikel Matthews Sr (PCA-Social)
Zone social meeting at Parade.

Day -1 (July 10)
Porsche Parade French Lick Indiana. Let the fun begin


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