July Club Meeting Report


The meeting was held at the Anchor Inn in Newville, WI

President Gregg Elliott called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm with introductions of the present board members, Chuck Schmeling, Treasurer, and Brendon Schellpfeffer, a past President. Chuck read the financial report and mentioned that they are monies for social events available. He suggested a fee to help defer the cost of the holiday party of possibly $30 per person or less. Gregg offered the membership a copy of the bylaws to review while Chuck discussed a few highlights of the bylaws.

Jeff Buck was nominated to become the official Tour Chair. All members present agreed and approved. Welcome aboard Jeff.
Jeff’s email is tours@cwi.pca.org

Gregg talked about the progress of the name tags for all members and then reviewed the autocross schedule including the Sugar River and the new old 151 Speedway facility.

Joyce Rolnick presented her latest tour ideas with the approval of the president to go forward with posting these tours.

Gregg suggested that the chair position of webmaster will be offered to Andreas Kottschoth, the current award-winning webmaster for the Big Island Region.

A quick discussion on the costs of Treffen was followed by Chuck bringing up there are more radios available for the tours Joyce is planning. Finally, a member suggested that members could post their favorite roads and the location.

The meeting finished at 8:10 and the members ordered food and beverages.


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