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The Central Wisconsin Region like to propose to the CWI Membership the 2023 CWI AutoX Championship.

CWI is planning 5-6 AutoX events during the 2023 season and will host the CWI AutoX Championship and crown a 2023 Male and Female AutoX-Champion.

Discover the fun and excitement of AutoX (Slalom); no experience is required.

Porsche Club of America Northeast Region Autocross from Richard Viard on Vimeo.

Please join us in the spring at an event held at typical street and highway speeds (2 gear) in a non-threatening environment. Soft traffic cones in a large parking lot or similar setting mark the courses. Explore your car’s limits, making you a safer driver on the street.
A single Porsche can have multiple drivers during a single event. So bring your better half and find out who can handle your Porsche better.

All you need is a Porsche, a valid driver’s license, a helmet (Snell SA standard is SA2015/2010) and closed shoes.
More information in our Auto-X Section on this web page

The cost for all current PCA members and PCA family members is $50 per driver, and all non-members pay $60 per driver per event.

This is also a call for volunteers to organize the events and help during the event; 
Chuck will be available to provide guidance. Participants are required to help during the event, 
remember PCA is fueled by volunteers.

How do we plan to determine the Champions? At each event, all participants will be scored in one class (open). Only CWI drivers driving Porsche vehicles are eligible for the CWI Championship. The fastest overall (CWI or none CWI) time at each event will be awarded 100 points and used as the bases time; all other participants will be scored as follows:  Winning (base) time/participants time  X  100 (WT/ET*100)
Example – Winning time was 75.562 sec., your time is 77.485 sec., and your score is = 75.562/77.485*100=97.518 points

  • For the championship, only the top five results (# of championship events -1) will count toward the overall score.
  • A driver must participate in a minimum of 4 (# of championship events -2) events to qualify for a championship trophy (1/2/3).

We encourage any comments; you may have.
Either here in the comment section or via email to


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