Later this year, the club will hold the 2023 Board Election. In preparation for the election, we are forming a Nominating Committee.
Jeff Greenlee and Greg Martin (nominating@cwi.pca.org) have agreed to be on the Nominating Committee, and we are looking for a minimum 1 more member to join them.

Please email nominating@cwi.pca.org if you are interested

See below a printout for our bylaws.

Section 1 – Nominating Committee
The Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, shall appoint a Nominating Committee Chair
and the other Committee members. The Nominating Chair must be a voting member of
the Region. No member of the Nominating Committee may be nominated to an elected
office in the same year in which he or she serves on the Nominating Committee. The
Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating a slate of Directors to serve in the
following term. Not later than September 15 of each election year, the Nominating
Committee shall recommend to the Directors at least one, preferably two or more
candidates for each Directors position.

Section 2 – Recommendations by the Members
Active, Associate and family associate members in good standing shall be solicited for
and may recommend candidates for each office. Such recommendations must be
submitted for approval to the Nominating Committee not later than September 1 of each
No member may be nominated or placed on the ballot without their consent.

Section 3 – Notice of Elections
In the official publication for the Region for October of any election year, the Secretary
shall cause to be published a notice of election and the names of all nominees for office.


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