Zone 13 Report


Mark Roethemeier new Zone 13 Rep

I would like to say hello to all the PCA members of Zone 13. In 2009 I joined PCA and it has been a great experience.
Many years ago after college, I started buying worn out Euro cars which led to Alfa Romeos. I have always enjoyed wrenching cars back to health and autocrossing. During that time, I also became involved in the Alfa Romeo Owners Club. It required me to drive 2 hours to meetings and events, but it also allowed me to serve as Pres of the Alfa region for a period of time for a small group of Alfa enthusiasts. Eventually, I had a “straying eye” and a lightly used 2006 Cayman S began to call my name.
Very soon after buying the 2006 Cayman S in late 2008, I joined PCA only to find my PCA region (Southern Indiana) was no longer active and none of the club phone numbers were answered. I was quite disappointed and very much wanted to participate in PCA in my home town. After a couple months I received a call from the Zone Rep, Ken Hold, asking if I would like to be placed into another region. My answer was “how about there being a chance to get SIR going again?”.
Much to Ken’s credit, he offered counsel and gave me a few months to see what could be done. There were a few others that had recently joined and they were asked to fill out the officer positions and off it went. I became Pres and following have continued to serve as the Events Chair and the Membership Chair while the membership has grown.
My past Porsches have been the 2006 Cayman S, a 1990 911 Carrera 4 which turned a good profit towards buying a low miles 2016 Spyder. My current Porsches are a 2015 Cayman GTS (signed by Wolfgang Porsche at 2015 Parade) and the 2016 Spyder.
Much to my surprise, I have been honored to be considered and asked to serve as Zone 13 Rep. Cheryl and I look forward to meeting and interacting with the regions of our Zone. Whatever I can do to help the people of Zone 13, I will be happy to serve the regions of Zone 13.


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