Presidents Notes


Greetings, everyone

Just a quick update on the club and our activities. The autocross events have been a huge success. All of the tours have been safe and amazing. I’m super excited about the golf tournament. There are still seven days to get signed up. The date is September 25 at Hawks Landing Golf Course, I hope y’all can make it. We only have room for four more foursomes that rhyme lol. Happy to tell everyone about the fall tour kettle, Marine scenic drive. ! Sign-up is available for that as well on

I very much appreciate everyone’s effort and our volunteers and board members helping grow and build the club! 2023 has been another huge success. The elections are coming up the deadline for that is September 15 so if anyone is looking to run, they should get that submission in. I believe we have enough people to fill all of the board positions. I am not sure if I’m supposed to run any campaign, but I am up for reelection and would like to continue as president using what I have learned from the past two years to make the next two years even better! I hope this note finds everyone well; good luck, and God bless.


Greetings everyone

Golf Golf Golf, our 1 st annual Charity Golf Tournament, is on! September 25th at 10 am on an amazing course Hawks Landing in Verona! The cost is 150.00 per golfer and includes 18 holes of championship golf and cart! All proceeds from this event are being donated to Car Curing Kids! We only have room for 12 foursomes, we have 3 of those full already. Official sign-up is up at Motorsport.reg, sign up today it’s going to be a super fun event, and we are going to raise a bunch of money for a great cause! We already have Kelly Moss and Zimbrick Porsche Madison on as sponsors swag swag swag !!!!

The fall tour is just about mapped out, and a date will be posted soon! My car is dial-in. Many thanks to Shawn Olson he is a champ and a good friend.
I am not looking forward to winter 🥶 lol I guess we have some summer left and fall, which I do enjoy!

The club is holding its own we are always looking for new members. I believe we are going to hit our growth goals. It takes everyone’s effort!!

Don’t forget the New Members event on August 27 and the Bemidji Tour on September 22-24 (The weekend before the golf tournament).
And don’t miss out on the final two AutoX on October 1 and 8. Sign-up is available at Motorsportreg

Take care, and god bless



Good morning everyone I hope this note finds you well .

Plenty to talk about let’s start with the spring / summer tour “ my baby “ we crushed it ! 26 cars amazing 40 people all in great spirits with perfect weather to boot ! We started at the Middelton airport as usual they are so very kind to us , a little meet n greet then onto the taxi way for some pictures Huge Win 🏆! Brief safety meeting and we were on our way in good time. As usual, I did not have my car available for this event lol water pump and some miscellaneous odds and ends so Shawn Olson was kind enough to offer to let me ride with him! And it actually worked out amazingly we made no wrong turns as I worked as navigator and we talked and laughed the whole way! The route was spectacular a nice blend of curves and scenic beauty a couple of rest stops and we arrived at our destination Pete’s Burgers in Prairie du Chine. Service was amazing the seating could not have worked out better, and the Burgers 🍔 absolutely world-class gourmet! Nothing but super positive feedback on the whole event!

Super fun 🤩 I am inspired to start planning the fall tour !
The club is doing well, heading in the right direction! Membership is up and I can’t praise Becky enough on her efforts she had big shoes to fill still trying to set the date for our golf ⛳️ outing looks like it may be into September will be set soon !

I am going to run for reelection and would appreciate tons of support and votes !
Being a part of our club has been a very rewarding part of my life.

Hopefully, Andreas will bring us back some hardware from Parade this year !

I encourage everyone to get out and have some fun with us this summer the calendar is full of PCA events!

Good luck and God bless.



Hello everyone things are looking good for the club. The spring tour is right around the corner! The official sign-up is up at It’s going to be super fun !

Membership is growing! Events are being planned! The golf outing should be officially scheduled very soon .
Would like to do a pickleball event as well.

I am super stoked about the nice weather.
Just a heads up for fall we will be having elections for all board positions   So if you are interested in taking on a larger role with PCA just let me know. I am going to run for re-election and appreciate everyone’s support !

Drive safe enjoy family and friends and be safe
Good luck and God bless



Presidents Jan/Feb Notes

Hello all

Well, we are cruising into the new year. The first meeting of the new year was amazing. The spring tour is set, and official registration will be open soon heading to prairie du sac super excited and looking for 60 cars. Details are still in the works.
The board voted to provide a laptop for the club president, which has increased my productivity a lot. We constantly work on new promotions and events, such as a golf outing this year.
Super excited about Becky, our new social chair; she is taking off like a rocket and is super enthusiastic, and our calendar is filling up nicely!
Membership is on the rise at an excellent pace!
The club is looking for new sponsors and partnerships all the time. Our sponsor, Kelly Moss, is actively working on a cool decal.

This is not a final draft, but it will look like this.

The weather is getting nicer. The days are getting longer very much looking forward to getting my car dialled in and having a fantastic driving season.
I appreciate all of you and your support of myself and PCA Central Wisconsin.

Hopping many of you are planning on attending the parade this year! I hope this note finds you all well. Good luck, and God bless



Presidents Year-end Notes

Good Day all

I find myself in a bit of a mood, very nostalgic, and very much looking forward to Christmas and the New Year!
All in all a very wonderful 2022 for my family and me so many highlights!

So very sorry that I was unable to attend the Christmas Party this year. Many members told me it was a fantastic event.
We are very blessed that our club has so many wonderful volunteers to make all the 2022 PCA events happen; thank you so much.
I look forward to serving the Club as President in 2023, the last year of my term and possibly in the future.

I am still in contact with PCA about bringing the Porsche Parade 2027 to Wisconsin and would appreciate everyone’s support of the Wisconsin Dells Porsche Parade 2027 idea.
Several other events have tentative plans, including a pickleball tournament and a golf outing as well. We will have other events in our jam-packed 2023 calendar.
I am starting to plan a spring tour right now, very much thinking Madison to Prairie du Chien; what do you think?
How about a summer event in the Dells “ Summer Sitzung “ it has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?
The 67th Parade is this year in Palm Springs; I am looking forward to it, so why not join me?

2023 will be a fantastic year for our region I look forward to continued growth and more fundraising events to give back to the community. Please continue to help recruit new members to grow our fantastic club.

Porsche is such a unique brand that we are a big part of. All in all, a very successful year in 2022.

Take care, and God bless  Jeff

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