Parade 2023 Diary – Palm Springs


Hi, Parade 2023, everyone.
I will post daily photos from the 67th Porsche Parade in Palm Springs.

Photos by Sabine and Andreas Kottschoth

Day 7 – Final Day of Parade  – Parade of Porsches, Volunteer Lunch and the final banquet – The Victory Banquet

Day 6 – Another Tour for today – Historic Julian

Day 5 – Gimmick Rally Time – Let’s discover the Desert. And later tonight, we got a special viewing of the new Transformer Movie.

Day 4 – We tested the Off-Road capability of the Macan today. Cool landscape. (Video clips posted on our FB page)

Sabine was painting in the afternoon with Kelly Telfer and, to close out the day, the Porsche Design Banquet for the WebPage presentation.

Central Wisconsin has the Best Web Page in PCA

Day 3 – Our first drive in the morning to Idyllwild. The driving group met at the PGA West Pete Dye Clubhouse and listened to the tour director for instructions. Three groups of 15 cars started to drive at 10am.
We drove some great roads –  almost 40 miles of curves and switchbacks on HWY 74. I am proud of Sabine for hanging in on the co-driver seat. After arriving at the Idyllwild Brewpub, we set down for lunch. The drive back was at our discretion, and Sabine had to stop at a fabric shop.

In the evening was the National Awards Banquet, but no trophy for the Central Wisconsin Region.
2022 Region of the Year – Rocky Mountain Region
  1st Runner-Up: Appalachian Region
 2nd Runner-Up: Alabama Region

Day 2  – Concours d’Elegance presented by Porsche
Concours d’Elegance is one of the main events of the Porsche Parade.

Hospitality and the Art Show reception were on the program in the afternoon. Later that day, we presented the Central Wisconsin Region at the President’s Dinner.

Day 1 – Registration
Registration for us started at 9:00, and we were done by 9:30. We did some grocery shopping and went back to registration for my first volunteer shift at registration; Sabine worked one shift at the goodie store.
In the afternoon, it was time for the Welcome Party, where Sabine and I did your second and final volunteer shift for the week.

Day -1 and 0
We arrived in CA on Friday afternoon, and we picked up our ride for the week, a Papaya Metalic 2022 Macan.

But the LA traffic was terrible; we needed four hours for a 160-mile trip.
We made it to our accommodation late in the evening, and Jeff and Linda welcomed us at our home for the next ten days.

What a great house (Airbnb).

On Saturday morning, we slept in and explored the site in the afternoon at a blaming 104F°.

We met many old friends, but Parade had not started yet.

The Parade will kick off tomorrow with registration.


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CWI at the Historical Display at the 68th Porsche Parade
CWI at the Historical Display at the 68th Porsche Parade
7 days ago
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Best in Show at the 68th Porsche Parade
Best in Show at the 68th Porsche Parade
7 days ago
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