Lee’s tech session


Report and photos by  Chuck Schmeling

We had a nice turnout for Lee’s tech session at Lee’s Automotive in Madison, with 14 members attending.  Lee Grunewald taught us about proper ways to prepare your Porsche for winter storage.  Did you know that it is better to store your car with a full fuel tank?  Having the fuel tank full helps prevent condensation from forming and will help to prevent your tank from rusting.  Water in the gasoline will sink to the bottom of the tank and can cause rust.  Also, it’s a good idea to use a good type of gasoline stabilizer when you fill the tank, like Stabil 360, to help keep the gasoline fresh.

Always change the oil and filter before you store your car, so acids and contaminants in the old oil do not deteriorate the metals and seals in the engine while it sits all winter.  For the battery, either take the battery out and store it in a warm place or connect the battery to a good battery maintainer and plug it in all winter to keep the battery from discharging.

Thanks, Lee, for opening your shop on a Saturday and giving good info for us poor souls who can’t drive our Porsches year-round.


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