AutoX Year End Review


Report by Gregg Elliott , Editor Andreas Kottschoth

The 2023 CWI AUTOCROSS season started on May 7th with 21 drivers driving a Camero, BZR, S2000, MR2, KIA Stinger, WRX, 370Z and, of course, a Miata along with our club’s Porsches, including a Cayenne SUV. For the first time, we welcomed a female driver. Gregg Elliott set up a fast and flowing course, and everyone enjoyed it.
Several newcomers used our club helmets available during the CWI race day.

The next autocross was on May 21st with 18 drivers, this time a Corvette, MR2 and of course a Miata and many CWI members with their P-cars. The times were blazingly fast, and our webmaster, Andreas, started the point count for our first Autocross Championship.

The third autocross happened in August, and it was hot! Not only the temperature but the times heated up, and we had some fast runs! The championship starts to shape up.

The next autocross was not until October 1st. You would think it would be cold in October, but it was a great 80-degree day. We usually get 11 runs in during the event, but everyone had 14 runs on this day! What a deal for $55 for CWI members.

The last autocross was the next Sunday, October 8, and the weather turned. The first run was a chilly 46 degrees, and everyone was trying to get some heat in our tires. We ended the day at 52 degrees and time got faster by the end of the day. The wonderful thing about our autocross events is the people you meet. We had some kids that came from Florida, and it was just a blast watching these youngsters running the course, getting faster with each run.

After each event, we all waited for our webmaster to calculate the final scores to see who won the day and where everyone fared in the Championship.
The club used the following formula to calculate points for the day. The fastest overall (CWI or none CWI driver) time at each event will be awarded 100 points and used as the base time; all other participants will be scored as follows:  Winning (base) time/participants time  X  100 (WT/ET*100). Example – Winning time was 75.562 sec., your time is 77.485 sec., and your score is = 75.562/77.485*100=97.518 points.

For the championship, only the top four results (# of championship events -1) counted toward the overall score.
A driver must participate in a minimum of 3 (# of championship events -2) events to qualify for a championship trophy (1/2/3).

Congratulations to Gehren Rall in first (399.675), Charles Allendorf in second (373.905) and Tyler Schwartz for third (369.454). Trophies will be presented at our holiday party in December.

Gehren Rall- 2023 Champion

Charles Allendorf – 2nd in the Championship
Tyler Schwartz – 3rd in the Championship

We would like to thank all who helped out this season. Gregg Elliott, Charles Schmeling, Chuck Allendorf, Greg Martin, Ty Schwartz, Ray and Jim Statz and any others we may have missed. Please stay tuned and come out next year!

Next year we will again have five events at the MATC facility. There will be one in May, two in July and August. Gregg is trying to get an event at our favorite Sugar River Raceway and the Alliant Energy Center!



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