AutoX – Helmets


Dear CWI Members
You have seen various emails and post about our 2023 CWI AutoX Championship.
CWI just made it easier for you to participate.

The Board has approved the purchase of Snell 2020 helmets to make available during the CWI AutoX events.
For a small fee, we will have those helmets available during the CWI AutoX events in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL.

We hope to see many CWI Members will give this fantastic sport a try. The club is putting those events on for you.

Please join us in the spring at an event held at typical street and highway speeds (2 gear) in a non-threatening environment. Soft traffic cones in a large parking lot or similar setting mark the courses. Explore your car’s limits, making you a safer driver on the street.
A single Porsche can have multiple drivers during a single event.

So bring your better half and find out who can handle your Porsche better.


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