August AutoX


Sunday August 21 saw our third and last autocross for the season at the Madison College Emergency Drivers Training center between Sun Prairie and Columbus.  We had 12 cars and 13 drivers in attendance.  Fastest time of day was Jim Statz with his Ford Focus RS with a time of 63.648.  Next was Brendon Schellpfeffer in his 911 SC with a time of 67.859.  We opened up the course this time so it wasn’t so tight and you didn’t need to get down into first gear.  Longer chicanes made for some quick speeds.

The event seems to be popular with people outside of CWI-PCA with a few coming from Fox Valley and Milwaukee regions.  We will need to do some administrative work on the motorsportsreg site to add some of the PCA Autocross rules and requirements.  According to the PCA rules, spectators are not allowed at the event so we needed to turn some people away.  That seems unfortunate since this facility is large enough that people who are not competing can stay far away from the moving vehicles and not be a hazard.  We’re looking forward to next year and again renting this facility for more fun.  We also hope we see more people from our own region out there having fun with their cars.




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