By Andreas Kottschoth
Day 10,  Saturday – Parade of Porsche and Volunteer Lunch

This concluded the 68th Porsche Parade in Birmingham, Alabama.
Approximately 250 Porsche showed up. The local Police guided us to The Barber Motorsport Park for a Parade lap on the track.

Back for the tour, all volunteers participated in an Appreciation Lunch.

That is it for this year’s Parade. Tomorrow, we will leave north for a pit stop in Madison.

Day 9,  Friday – Another Tour day

Early morning start for the Cheaha State Park Tour.
The tour started at 8am. Our first bio break was after 53 miles, and the temperature was already in the 90’s.
Cheaha State Park was our second stop after 92 miles of twisty roads. Sabine drove this leg but was not too happy with the fast roads. Our final stop was in the town of Anniston, AL, at an old restaurant, Classic on Noble.
By the end of the day, we had 99°F.

Tonight, Sabine will get her BEST in SHOW award for her Quilt.

Day 8,  Thursday – Gimmick Rally Day 

Shake’n bake. Close to 200 cars will be at the start.
Our start time is at 11:17 – Talladega Speedway here we come.

It was a long day. But we visited a Fort Mustang Museum, the International Motorsport Hall of Fame and the Talladega Super Speedway.
We drove six laps on the oval, 3 Andreas and 3 Sabine and we drove a bit more than highway speed. 😉
This makes three racetracks with our 911, Indianapolis, Poconos, and Talladega pretty cool.

In the Gimmick Rally, we finished in the top 20 out of 200 cars, but no trophy, which is a good thing.

Day 7,  Wednesday – Day to Relax and Web Award Night

Today was a day for us to relax; we slept in and just wandered around.
Here are some random photos from today, including the RC off-road competition.

At the banquet tonight, the web page contest winners were announced. Central Wisconsin wins Class 3 in the webpage contest.

Here are some photos from Monday’s President’s reception at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.
We reconnected with former PCA Presidents, Porsche Design representatives, Porsche AG Club coordinator Paul Gregor and many more.

Day 6,  Tuesday – Tour to Barber Motorsport

Today was the tour to Barber Motorsport Park on the Program.
First, we were guided through some scenic sites on our way to the Barber Vintage Museum, which has one of the most extensive Motorcycle collections in the world and contains more than 1,600 vintage and modern motorcycles and racing cars.

Day 5,  Monday – Concourse, Historical Display and Artshow

Now that the Parade has started, Cars and bikes have been lined up under the Cite Walk in Downtown Birmingham.
Our 996 was part of the Historical Display. Please have a look at a small selection of the displays.

In the afternoon, the award presentation for the Art Show.
Sabine wins  Best in Show for the Central Wisconsin Region.

Day 4,  Sunday – First official Day of Parade

Andreas and Sabine finished their volunteer shifts, again at the Car Wash and the Welcome Tent.

People who put their cars in the concourse are still at their cars and cleaning.

Welcome Social, Zone gathering and Welcome Party later tonight

Unfortunately, we didn’t win a set of Pirelli tires or a cruise, but the food was good.

Day 3,  Saturday

Getting ready for my first volunteer shift at the parade car wash. Sabine will later welcome parade participants to the Welcome Tent.
Four hours at the carwash for Andreas and in the afternoon Sabine at the Welcome tent for 5h.

Reconnecting with old friends

Day one and two – Travel Days

One Province and 6 States

June 6, 2024
Travel Day – Sioux Lookout to Edgerton, WI
June 7, 2024
Edgerton to Birmingham, AL
Two long days on the road, thanks, Gregg and Jean, for hosting us last night.
We are staying at the Sheraton in downtown Birmingham